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The DECUS Library Compendium is a clearinghouse of information which was previously collected and distributed by DECUS, the Digital Equipment Computer User Society, and subsequent organizations.

THE REGENTS OF THIS SITE ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR THE CONTENT OF ANY OF THE INFORMATION COLLECTIONS CONTAINED HEREIN. The DECUS Library Compendium is merely a searchable index to the storehouse of the valuable and historical distributed collections assembled by DECUS (Digital Equipment Computer User Society) and the follow-on organizations which collected and published this information in the spirit of their progenitor. Copyright to this information is held by DECUS and its subsequent organizations, DEC (Digital Equipment Corporation), Compaq Computer, HP (Hewlett Packard) and, where indicated within the information indexed herein, other (third-party) copyright holders.

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DECUS, in latin, means: honor, distinction, pride. Please treat and respect this site with the honor, distinction, and pride that such a valuable historical compendium should enjoy. Thank you.


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