SSH server for OpenVMS

The SSH (Secure SHell) protocol uses encrypted network (TCP/IP) connections to allow remote client machines to access a server machine securely. Via SSH the client may execute commands on the server machine, login via a pseudo-terminal, create a proxy X11 server, or tunnel other TCP/IP connections over the secure connection. The SSH server for OpenVMS allows SSH clients to connect to OpenVMS systems.

The SSH 1.5 protocol is used by OpenVMS SSH server, it does not currently support the new SSH 2.0 protocol.



The server software is distributed as a ZIP file,, where nnn is the release version. This zip file contains the C sources, MMS description files, command procedures and other files necessary to build the executable images.


Since the SSH server performs system-level services, it must be run by the SYSTEM account or other privileged account. The installation checklist includes items such as changing your system startup and global login procedures. Most aspects of the server's operation are controlled by a parameter file that must be customized to each installation.


David Jones, Ohio State University